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Spiderman Video Slots


Since 1962, Spiderman has been the most popular comic hero - a super star among super heroes. He's been in countless movies, TV commercials and McDonald's Happy Meals. Spiderman has starred in 4 films in the past decade. The most recent being The Amazing Spiderman in the summer of 2012.

And now Spiderman is a hit video slots game. Spiderman video slots is a 5 reel, 25 payline game with a Spiderweb Feature, Spiderman Free Spins and much more.

You never know what kind of webs and jackpots Spiderman will shoot next from his wrist! The Spiderman video slots in an action packed game that comic and movie fans will love to play.

Spidey's Symbols

Spiderman stars in his own game - he is the wild symbol, though here it is called Substitute. Spiderman also triggers the Spiderman Feature - you can read about it on your right!

Spiderman's arch-enemy Venom plays a major role in this video slot. Catch 5 of him for 5,000 coins! Catch 4 Venom symbols for 750 coins and 3 for 100 coins.

The beautiful Lois Lane is quite a catch - and match. She's worth 1,000 coins for 5 matches and 150 coins for 4 matches.

When he's not saving New York City from evil, Peter Parker is a photographer for The Daily Bugle. Match it 5 times for 500 coins and 4 times for 50 coins.

Catch and Match Lois Lane

Spin Winnings with Spiderman!

When Spiderman appears on the 2nd and 4th reels at the same time, you've won your way to the Spiderweb Feature. Look out - Spiderman is about to spin you some cash!

After paying out all winning combinations, all positions on the 3rd reel become wild (or substitutes as they're called in the game).

Spiderweb Feature prizes are multiplied by the wager per payline. Spiderweb Feature wins are added to payline and scatter wins.

This is how a spider slot spinner wins! The Spiderweb Feature is like adding 3 wild symbols to the reels.

Wild Web of Winnings!

Spiderman Feature

The Spiderman logo is the scatter symbol of this video slot game. Look out for it - it triggers the Spiderman Feature.

Spiderman needs you to choose. What will it be - Spiderman or Venom Feature?

If you choose Spiderman Feature, you get 10 free spins with all winnings DOUBLED! That's not all - a random number of Spiderman wild symbols will appear on the 2nd and 4th reels.

Spiderman is here to help you win on his slot game!

Spidey's Free Spins

Venom Feature

If you choose the Venom Feature, you're in for an exciting adventure! Spiderman must find and defeat Venom and then save Lois Lane.

Guide Spiderman through the streets of New York City.

Spiderman will find Venom, a crime scene or a dead-end on each street. When Venom is located, Spiderman and Venom fight. If Spiderman wins, Lois Lane is saved and you win a big cash prize!

Even if you lose the fight, you win a cash prize. With Spiderman, you always win!

Fight Venom!

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